Modular Beats |

MODULAR BEATS - 100% pure analog drumloops and grooves backed up with over 300 modular drumkits! Modular Beats is a labour of love of Roger Grønberg, a sound designer from Norway who specialises in physical modelling and sound invention at frodebeats HQ in Norway. In today's world of routine beats you need something to stick out from the crowd.

Modular Beats is full of stand-out beats and kits made from pure analog sources. You will be amazed by the diversity and invention the can be squeezed out of these huge, wonderful machines. The idea behind the project was to make a usable, unique and fresh sounding drum and percussion library. To do that, no samples or drum machines have been used. The sounds and loops are 100% original and created using only modular synthesizers and analog monosynths. The basis of each sound is oscillators and noise generators.

Over 25 GB of raw material and 4000 work hours have gone into this library. With over 1.5Gb of original material and 400 loops, 400 single hits and 300 modular drum kit instruments (containing over 2000 drum hits) designed for use in Kontakt, EXS24 and Reason, Modular Beats contains everything from dance grooves to scary cinematic beats and with all those analog drum kits you'll be able to make your very own fully analog loops in no time. Modular Beats is a fantastic tool for any music producer looking for unique sounds to add something special to their sonic arsenal.

Rating: 9/10" - Computer Music magazine (UK).
"A true labour of love, Roger Groenberg's extensive library of drum and percussion samples (including kit patches in various sampler formats) has been made using nothing but analogue synths. The single hits are useful, but the loops stand out as lively, electronic, gritty and rhythmically diverse. They say 4000 hours of work went into this, and it shows – it's a near bottomless rhythmic resource.
Rating: 9/10" - MUSIC TECH magazine (UK)
"The loops are just as varied, with classic 70s electro and deep hip hop beats being a few examples of the folders they are organised into. They sound just as phat as the single-shots, but we especially like the rich stereo work and the great percussive hooks.