Release Dec 2013 100 drum sets 150 soundscapes 400 loops 100 advanced single sounds All analog, every sound with extensive round robin variations, 15 GB core sound library, sequencer, effects, filter. VSTi and standalone.

More info at : http://frodebeats.com/product/oscillotron

Frodebeats + Native Instruments

Out now! Frodebeats + Native instruments. Grainy, noisy and in-your-face – Raw Voltage includes a wealth of drum and percussion sounds which are characterized by their punchy nature – from the thud of the kicks to the crunch of the snares and claps. Also included are sampled analog basses, alien leads, crystalline pads and keys, plus atmospheric soundscapes and plenty of distinctive effects sounds.

Modular Beats

Now shipping! MODULAR BEATS - 100% pure analog drumloops and grooves backed up with over 300 modular drumkits!